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     As I stated on the home page, I collect antique radios and I am a ham radio operator.  The photographs of antique radios, both tube type and transistor, that you will find on this page were provided by my daughter.  In most cases, she is able to capture the radios in such a way as to protray some of my love for them.  Please note that these radios are not for sale, they are only here to demonstrate my interest in all things radio and demonstrate that I truly am a radio lover.  Do not let this deter you from browsing the products on the shopping pages, visiting our sponsors, and locating a new radio, scanner, mp3 player, or other audio peripheral to help you enjoy the evolving radio and audio world.

Thanks for looking!  I have made these into thumbnail size to speed the page loading process.

antique radio with antique glasses on top    Antique radio with tubes showing    Antique transistor radio    Antique transistor radio with headlights    Closer view of antique transistor radio with headlights    Side view of antique transistor radio car

Green tint antique transistor radio    

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All photographs of antique radios were provided by the photographer, Elizabeth Underwood, who gave permission for their use.

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